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Monster Roofing and Siding LLC is a Veteran family-owned business that provides professional and efficient roofing services for Fredericksburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

More About Monster Roofing and Siding

At Monster Roofing and Siding every project is as important to us as it is to you. We do a Monster of a Job on every job so you can rest assured your family won't have to worry.
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Your Roof is More Than Just a Roof

Most people think a roof is just a roof. Some shingles, some nails, and your good to go. This is not the case. Each roof is unique and requires the necessary components to ensure long lasting protection.

Some of the important components of your roof are:

  • The Roof deck
  • Underlayment
  • Shingles/Tiles/or Shakes
  • Flashing
  • Gutter System
  • Roof Exhaust Ventilation
  • Soffit Intake Ventilation.

Having a professional roofing contractor install your roof ensures nothing is left out that may lead to future damage. Monster Roofing and Siding Llc is efficient and professional in meeting your roofing needs. We make sure the components of your roof are properly placed and working to ensure a long life for your roof.

When our home looks good we feel good. Knowing that your roof not only looks good but has been installed by a professional ensures your home will continue to share good feelings for years to come.

Our professionals are dedicated to helping create your best roof.

Monster Roofing and Siding is dedicated to helping you with all your roofing and siding needs. We provide an enjoyable experience that incorporates quality materials and efficient workmanship to provide you with a durable, long lasting roof.

Acting quickly to restore your roof to its optimal performance following damage can prevent additional concerns down the road and help keep your home looking beautiful.

Free Roof Assessment & Estimate

To be able to determine your roofs needs our professional roof contractor will need to get a good look at it. This will include climbing onto the roof to view its current state and identifying its required attention. Your Monster Service Advisor can provide you with an estimate that includes all your needs.

Contact Monster Roofing and Siding today to schedule your free assessment and estimate.

About Monster Roofing: Professional Roofing Value in Fredericksburg, Virginia


Our Mission

Monster Roofing and Siding strives to provide the best roofing value and experience for our commercial, agricultural and residential roofing clients in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Our Values

Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence are some of Monster Roofing's most important values.


Our Solution

We are proud to offer the best in helpful service, quality materials, and craftsman level installation that provide Virginia property owners and managers an excellent value and experience.


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