Virginia Summer Storm Tips

With Virginia’s Summer storm season coming, Monster Roofing offers some helpful tips to protect your home from damage. Feel free to call us or request a free inspection if you have any questions or concerns.

Visually Inspect Around Your Home

Things To Look For:


Exterior Features

Look for:

Interior-interior water spots are a indication of exterior roof leak.

Any of these potential damage spots could be a potential problem and should be checked by a professional

Clean out those gutters

When gutters are not cleaned regularly they can become full of debris that can damage your roof.

Blocked gutters can lead to pooling water, added weight, and other damage. When clean, your gutters will more efficiently direct the water away from your home and help preserve your roofs life.


By keeping the foliage around your home trimmed you can prevent debris from filling your gutters and wayward branches from causing damage. Trimming also helps to prevent trapped water, excess moisture, vegetative growth, and unsightly debris or deterioration.


Note and fix all issues quickly. By fixing small problems early you can avoid more costly repairs.
This also helps to minimize damage and increase your roofs longevity. If you have any doubts about your needed repairs consult Monster.

Secure Furnishings

Loose decor and furniture can be affected during storms.

Things like:

Should all be secured before a storm to avoid potential damage.

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